Hair transplant

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Echipa Bendis Clinic este format din medici ultraspecializati, cu un portofoliu de sute de pacienti multimi!

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Hair transplant


The treatment consists in extracting and reintroducing the follicular units of the same patient. Thus, the hair will continue to grow naturally, because it will be taken from a “healthy” area, generally the nape and temples, more precisely those parts of the head that are not affected by baldness.

The process starts with a personalized planning according to the type of baldness. The medical team will follow the treatment step by step and will evaluate your situation.


The advanced QFUE technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique. Non-invasive, the transplant is done by hand exclusively by DOCTORS and promises natural results, without scars and without pain.

At the Bendis Clinic, we use the Comfort-in needle-free injection system. Anesthesia is administered by using a high-pressure jet, with a diameter similar to that of a mosquito’s proboscis!

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Hair transplant


What differentiates hair transplantation in women from that in men:

In women, in most cases, the harvested grafts are implanted between the already existing hairs, which implies additional attention from the specialists to avoid the destruction of the adjacent hair.

If you postponed the transplant operation due to the fear of needles, now you can recover your hair beauty without pain and without stress.

Be one of the hundreds of patients who enjoy a successful implant! Natural appearance, no pain, no scars!

Before & After Video

Bendis Clinic Clients

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