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Medical DermatologyPrice
Dermatological consultation130 lei
Control after consultation60 lei
Dermatoscopy / lesion60 lei
Skin biopsy (histopathological examination included)250 lei
Curettage of skin lesions50 lei
Excision of skin lesions with suture (histopathological examination included)600 lei
Non-excisional debridement of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (ulcerations, infections)150 lei
Sebaceous cysts300 lei
Incision and drainage of hematomas and abscess150 lei
Nail removal200 lei
Ingrown toenail resection370 lei
Aesthetic DermatologyPrice
Regenerative therapy PRP - Scalp800 lei
Regenerative therapy PRP - Face800 lei
PRP regenerative therapy - Face and neck1400 lei
Plasmapen - Antiwrinkle600 lei / area
Stretchfrom 700 lei
Hyaluronic acid injectionsPret
Lip contour augmentation, nasolabial, perioral, interbrow wrinkles, dark circles filling, cheek filling1 ampoule (1ml) - 1250 lei 2 ampoules (2ml) - 2400 lei
3 ampoules (3ml) - 3500 lei
Radiesse injection1 ampoule - 1500 lei
2 ampoules - 2800 lei
Juverderm Volite1ml - 900 lei
Hair transplant and facial transplantPrice
Hair transplantStarting from 1550 Euro (PRP included)

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The medical team has also worked in clinics in Paris, Turkey and the UK and are fierce promoters of the latest technologies and the highest quality standards in the field!

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